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Saturday, November 15th


  • Selfish Accessibility, Adrian Roselli
  • Accessibility – A feature you can build, Monika Piotrowicz
  • Next-gen A11y Testing Tools, Karl Groves
  • WordPress Theme Accessibility, Jordan Quintal
  • Use ARIA Now!, Billy Gregory
  • How to Perform an Accessibility Audit, Janis Yee
  • Fixing Inaccessible Content, Sean Yo

Advanced Developer

  • Introduction to Backbone.js, Brian Hogg
  • Put a little Backbone in your WordPress!, Adam Silverstein
  • Improving Performance with Responsive Images, David Newton

Beginner Developer

  • Don’t Fear the Custom Theme, Linn Øyen Farley
  • Getting Comfortable With Child Themes, Kathryn Presner
  • Disaster-Proof Your WordPress Site, Kate Newbill
  • How to make your WordPress site multilingual, Matt Smith
  • Multisite for Multilingual, Rick Radko
  • MultiSite as an intranet hosting platform, Tom Sommerville
  • Using AJAX to bring WordPress sites to life, Brian Layman

User / Admin

  • How to Rock a WordCamp Even if You’re a n00b, Marc Benzakein
  • WordPress 101, Al Davis
  • Congratulations! You’re having a WordPress site!, Joe Rozsa

Sunday, November 16th

Advanced Developers

  • WordPress and Client Side Web Applications, Roy Sivan
  • Integrating WordPress with External APIs, Aaron Campbell
  • The Database Schema, Mo Jangda
  • Developer Panel


  • Writing Cleaner, Sturdier Code With Unit Testing, David Herrera
  • Setting up Vagrant for Unit Testing, Paul Bearne
  • The Ghost of Metadata Past, Present, and Future, Scott Kingsley Clark
  • Save Time By Managing WordPress from the Command Line, Shawn Hooper
  • Levelling up your development workflow, Dara Skolnick
  • Core Functions You (Maybe) Don’t Know Exist, Nicole Arnold
  • Everything you know about AB testing is wrong, Stephane Boisvert


  • Powering Business Sites with WordPress, Luca Sartoni
  • Back To Square One: Building A WordPress Starter Development Kit, Kyle Unzicker
  • Pick the right CMS for your job, Alan Lok
  • WordPress Project Management 101, Chris Van Patten
  • Content Architecture, Shanta Nathwani
  • Agency Panel


  • WordPress for Designers, James Hipkin
  • Sass and WordPress, Brian Hoke
  • Designing Creativity, Lucas Cherkewski


  • 19 Plugins You Should Be Using, Renee Moore
  • WP Front-End Editors, Jacques Surveyer
  • How to take a free theme and make it yours, James Strang
  • WordPress Media Tools for Creatives, Denise Williams