Sponsor Spotlight: SIDEKICK

sidekick-logo-webSIDEKICK is a Toronto based company providing guided and interactive Walkthroughs for the WordPress Dashboard through the SIDEKICK for WordPress plugin.

With over 125 Walkthroughs in our library, our mission is to be the fastest and easiest way to learn WordPress while providing our customers with faster on-boarding, lower support costs and happier customers of their own.”

Why WordPress?

“The community that surrounds it.”

How has WordPress affected your business?

“WordPress has had a tremendous impact on our business. In fact, SIDEKICK was originally called WPUniversity and was meant to be WordPress only.

We got our start in WordPress and our business was initially funded through FlowPress, our WordPress-only Dev shop that to this day, still does not have it’s own website.

Without WordPress and more importantly, the people that make up the WP Community, SIDEKICK would never have come to be. So thank you for that!”

What’s your advice to WordCamp Toronto attendees?

“Make friends, not contacts. Oh and come see the SIDEKICK table for some free candy to keep you going through the day.”

What’s your one question for this year’s WordCampers?

“Which tools do you currently use to support your WordPress clients and/or keep yourself current on new WordPress features?”

Thank you, SIDEKICK, for supporting WordCamp Toronto 2014!