Sponsor Spotlight: Flywheel

Flywheel LogoFlywheel is a managed WordPress hosting platform built specifically for designers and creative agencies. Flywheel makes it simple to build, launch, and manage client sites with its easy-to-use dashboard built from the ground up for the modern web designer. With nightly backups, blazing-fast load times, WordPress-specific security, and an awesome support team full of WordPress developers, Flywheel helps thousands of designers across the world launch projects every day.”

Why WordPress?

“The WordPress community is something we’re very excited to be a part of. Everyone involved in the community is incredibly kind, inclusive, and especially welcoming to those who are new to the WordPress world. We love being a part of a community that is willing to learn and grow together, and make the internet a better place.”

What’s one question you have for WordCamp attendees?

“Where do you see the WordPress community in 20 years?”

Thank you, Flywheel, for sponsoring WordCamp Toronto 2014!

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