Jordan Quintal

Jordan Quintal is a successful Online Multipreneur, a seasoned Web Developer, as well as a WordPress Contributor and Community Member. Jordan is the current President at The Genius Web Media Inc. that was founded in 2007, and he has over 15 years of web development experience.

His skill, intelligence, and ambition have allowed him and his company to flourish in a very competitive Media market. Jordan is also an active advocate and educator towards Web and WordPress accessibility.

Jordan is also on the WordCamp 2014 organizing committee, in charge of accessibility for the event.

Speaker sessions

WordPress Theme Accessibility in the A11y track

About your Accessible Themes presentation

My presentation will focus on the technical end of WordPress Theme Accessibility. I will showcase the various components to “accessibility-ready” WordPress themes, like keyboard navigation, alt tags, skip links, link text, forms, etc. I will also showcase and demonstrate some awesome WordPress plugins and web accessibility evaluation tools for an even better understanding on how to make your WordPress Theme more accessible.

What do you want people to learn?

I want the people who attend my presentation to understand the importance of Web and WordPress Accessibility. I want the people who attend my presentation to know enough of the fundamentals that they go home, learn the ins and outs, and effectively develop more accessible themes and websites.

Tell us about your community talk

It is pretty well documented that WordPress has been making significant strides towards making WordPress as a tool, as well as WordPress website more accessible to those with challenges; but what about the WordPress Community? My talk on Community Accessibility will focus on the several ways the WordPress Community itself can become more accessible. We will discuss things like making WordPress meetups and WordCamp events more accessible, we will also discuss different ways we can make community driven information and communications more accessible overall.

Why did you decide to speak?

As a person born with a physical disability who has seen growing success, I feel it is my duty to give back, and educate others in the hopes to invoke some sort of social change.

What attracted you to WordPress in the first place?

The flexibility and versatility of WordPress first attracted me. After I found out how easy it was to build a website with it, I was hooked for life.

What is your favourite plugin or theme, and why?

By far the one plugin I am most excited about is I think it will certainly be a game changer for WordPress tutoring.

Why did you want to be part of the WCTO 2014 organizing committee?

Ontario as a province has been leading Canada in Accessibility efforts across the board, and so I think WCTO can be a leader in Accessibility as well. I was eager to join this organizing committee so that I can share my passion and knowledge on accessibility in the hopes that we can set the bar for WordCamp accessibility across the globe.

What are you most looking forward to at WordCamp Toronto?

In all honesty, I look forward to meeting new people. Networking is one of the key aspects that drive me to WordCamps across North America.