Adrian Roselli

Adrian is a founder and partner at Algonquin Studios, responsible for bridging the gap between the worlds of design and technology. With experience in both, he brings a unique perspective to projects, allowing both design and implementation to merge seamlessly.

Adrian enforces accessibility guidelines as outlined in the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative levels A through AAA as well as Section 508 federal guidelines, New York State accessibility guidelines, and even some of the UK and Canadian accessibility guidelines.

Adrian a founding member and contributor to, a community, mailing list and web site made up of web professionals from around the globe who share their knowledge and experience in web development. has been active since 1998.

Adrian has written articles for trade journals, web sites, and participated as an author and editor on several books. His work has been, and still is, cited in many books and articles on usability, accessibility, and interface design.

Speaking Sessions

Selfish Accessibility

What are you most looking forward to at WordCamp Toronto?

Meeting other WordPress developers and learning from them, not just the speakers.

Why did you decide to speak?

Because I have seen too few presentations on accessibility at previous events, WordCamps and otherwise. Often, those presentations get the information wrong.

What is your favourite plugin or theme, and why?

WP Accessibility, because it helps walk you through making your WP site friendlier to those with special needs.