Adam Silverstein

I started programming by learning assembly code on my Radio Shack color computer (with 4k!), and started a software company from my college dorm room. After years building custom solutions he embraced WordPress as my platform of choice, building sites for clients large and small.

I am a contributing developer to WordPress and was recognized as a “Rockstar” for my role in the revisions rewrite for WordPress 3.6. I am currently the revisions component maintainer. I work as a Senior Web Engineer at 10up. I love long rafting trips, playing mbira, travel, taking walks and tending my over sized garden.

Speaker session

Put a little Backbone in your WordPress! in the Advanced Developer track

Presentation abstract

Backbone (and Underscore!) are bundled with WordPress – leverage their power to deliver complex front or back end or experiences while keeping your code organized and maintainable. I will also touch on accessibility in JS apps and using the JSON REST API to connect to WordPress.

What do you want people to learn from your presentation?

Backbone fundamentals, why use Backbone, whats possible with Backbone, and how WordPress makes building with Backbone easier.

Why did you decide to speak?

I’m enthusiastic about Backbone in WordPress core and want to inspire others to tap into its power. I got my own motivation for getting involved in core by attending a WordCamp and want to give back!

What attracted you to WordPress in the first place?

The ease with which my clients could edit their own content, and the ease with which I could extend core functionality.

What is your favourite plugin or theme, and why?

I’m a fan of Gravity forms – the core plugin does one thing most blogs need really well, and the ecosystem of extensions and extensive hooks in the plugin make it flexible enough to make it do just what you want in most cases.

What are you most looking forward to at WordCamp Toronto?

Meeting in person with other WordPress fanatics. Meeting new people and hopefully inspiring them to try Backbone in their projects & contribute to WordPress core.