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Saturday, November 15th


Advanced Developer

Beginner Developer

Content & Business

  • Grow Your Audience: Savvy Content Marketing, Brian Rotsztein
  • Google Analytics and WordPress for Beginners, David Bird
  • Demystifying SEO, Alex Rascanu
  • Pump up your search visibility with structured data, Mendel Kurland


User / Admin

Sunday, November 16th

Advanced Developers

  • WordPress and Client Side Web Applications, Roy Sivan
  • Integrating WordPress with External APIs, Aaron Campbell
  • The Database Schema, Mo Jangda
  • Developer Panel

Content & Business

  • A Quick Guide to Long-form Content on WordPress, David Hamilton





4 thoughts on “Presentations

  1. Thanks to all the volunteers who made this year’s WordCamp such a great experience. I know its a lot of work and you guys did a great job.

    I am really looking forward to reviewing the presentations online both through slideshare and on video. I’m not very good at taking notes while I’m listening so I’m grateful to be able to glean the information afterward.

    Will notifications be sent out that the slides and videos are up? I am a subscriber to this blog’s posts. I would be happy to know when they become available if that can be set up automatically.

    Thanks again,

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