Featured Speaker: Janis Yee

Janis has over 10 years of professional experience as a multi-disciplinary Digital Designer. She has worked at Rogers Digital Media and Metroland Media advocating web and usability standards. In the latter, she had a key role as a self-made accessibility specialist. She currently works at Influitive as a User Experience Designer.

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Presentation: How to Perform an Accessibility Audit

“In my experience, I worked as a self-made accessibility advocate when AODA came down the pipe early this year. With limited time, and resources, I had to develop a strategy on my own as to how to perform this audit and work with developers to implement the changes.

As the field is so new, and there were no local leaders I could turn to as a mentor, I waded through much of this on my own. This is my chance to pass along these lessons as things I wish I knew when I started out.”