Featured Speaker: David Newton

“I am a full-stack web developer, currently working in a research program at St. Michael’s Hospital, who strongly believes in making web content accessible and usable. This goal has made me passionate about web standards, responsive design, progressive enhancement, accessibility guidelines, and web performance.

Since October 2012 I have been a member of the W3C’s Responsive Images Community Group, and I am a co-editor of their Use Cases and Requirements for Standardizing Responsive Images.”

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Presentation: Improving Performance with Responsive Images

“I will be speaking about the web’s hunger for more, bigger, and higher-resolution images, and the performance problem this creates. I’ll give a brief history of the new (and occasionally controversial) picture element, and discuss some other exciting new standards and techniques that are on the horizon.

Attendees can expect concrete examples of how picture works, and to learn how they can use responsive (and responsible!) images right now to improve performance and deliver the best possible experience to their users.”