Featured Speaker: David Hamilton

I’m a professional writer with a focus on technology and digital life. I am also the editor of LabTO, a site that covers Toronto’s tech culture. My work has appeared in publications such as The WHIR, TechVibes, Betakit, Biometric Update, and The National Post. I’ve also done commercial copywriting for HP and Intel, as well as local brands including Kobayashi Online.

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Presentation: A Quick Guide to Long-form Content on WordPress

Many of the most popular websites include long, in-depth content, and communities like Medium and Narratively are built around the idea that people crave long content – as long as it’s worth their time.

This presentation will go over some of the fundamentals of long-form content, what stories are best suited to long-form, and what tools and techniques can be used in WordPress to create compelling long-form pieces.