Featured Speaker: Brian Layman

Brian Layman has been hacking WordPress for fun and profit since 2004. In 2007 he left his programmer analyst position in the corporate world to work full time io join b5media, a Toronto based blogging network. The entrepreneurs working at b5media proved that you could make a living through WordPress, blogging and OpenSource technologies. feeding his family off of the fruits of WordPress.

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Presentation: AJAX

There was a time when every action taken on a website involved staring at a white screen for 5 seconds as the entire page was reloaded. If, for your clients, that time was last week, you should attend this session.

We will learn the basics of using AJAX to improve the speed, performance and presentation of your website. This session will involve writing source code. A basic understanding of editing plugins, themes, hooks and filters will be helpful, but may not be required.