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One of the main objectives of WordCamps is to bring together local WordPress talent. One way in which we’re doing that this year is to give local WordPress developers who have created something for the community a public “soapbox” to showcase their work and to spread the love.

We’re calling this the Developer Showcase.

Every hour, a new local developer will rotate in at table near the Happiness Bar (coffee / refreshments / snack bar!). See below for a list of names and what they will be presenting. Feel free to stop by on your way between sessions, or stick around and get into a deeper chat if you have an open slot in your schedule.


Time Developer Featuring Quick description
Saturday, 09:00am Julian Egelstaff Formulize Formulize is a data management, reporting, and workflow modelling tool. It is open source, and runs on the web, using PHP and MySQL, like WordPress does. We’ve made a plugin, also called Formulize, that lets you integrate your WordPress site, with a Formulize installation on the same web server. Once you’ve done that, then you can publish Formulize databases and applications through pages in your WordPress site. Your users can login to WordPress and interact with the Formulize content, as if it were native WordPress content.
Saturday, 10:00am Ben Fox SIDEKICK SIDEKICK is like turn-by-turn navigation for the web. Guide users through any online task with automated voice and visual cues from right inside any web-based application or CMS (like WordPress!).Create your own Walkthroughs using our new Composer tool (Beta testing now) and if you’re into WordPress, download the native plugin and try out our WordPress Basics Walkthroughs to help yourself or your clients get started confidently with the world’s number one CMS.
Saturday, 11:00am Victor Ientilucci Fan Victor Create a fantasy sports website in minutes. This Fantasy Sports plugin gives your members the chance to spend their credits competing in daily tournaments and contests involving predictions of outcomes of sporting events. Sports leagues such as NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, NCAA Basketball and Football, Soccer and even MMA.
Saturday, 2:00pm Alfred Ayache aaLogWP Allows developers to log variables, see the call stack, benchmark code; all to a logfile, so your page doesn’t get polluted with log messages. Each log message records the date and time, IP address, requested page, and file and line the log message came from, as well as the information to be logged.
Saturday, 3:00pm Doug Wollison QuickStart QuickStart is a utility kit for use primarily in theme development; you provide it with a configuration array and it setups custom post types, taxonomies, settings, meta boxes, admin pages, lots of stuff.
Saturday, 4:00pm Greg Ross WP Statistics & Just Writing Track statistics for your WordPress site without depending on external services and uses arrogate data whenever possible to respect your users privacy.Distraction Free Writing Mode (DFWM) is a great way to focus on writing text, but have you ever found yourself wanting to do a bit more with it? How about spell check, or change the paragraph style without dropping back to the standard post edit mode? Now you can get all the functionality of the standard mode tools in DFWM!
Sunday, 9:00am Benjamin Moody Advanced Post Type Ratings Advanced Post Type Ratings allows users to easily add a visual star rating system to any post type including Media attachments and custom post types.
Sunday, 10:00am Dejan Markovic Tweet Old Custom Post & Buffer My Post This plugin helps you to keep your old posts alive by tweeting about them and driving more traffic to them (your website) from twitter. It also helps you to promote your content. You can set the time and the number of tweets to post, to attract more traffic.This plugin helps you to keeps your old posts alive by posting it to buffer and driving more traffic to them from buffer. It also helps you to promote your content. You can set time and no of posts to post to drive more traffic.

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