Back On Track: Planning Resumes for #WCTO

Your WCTO organizing team: Brent Kobayashi, Sharlene Hopwood, Tom Auger & Andy McIlwain
Your WCTO organizing team: Brent Kobayashi, Sharlene Hopwood, Tom Auger & Andy McIlwain

It’s been quiet on the WordCamp Toronto front for the last couple of months. We haven’t said much since the site went live in mid-February.

That’s about to change. Starting today our organizing team will be holding bi-weekly meetings to work through tasks and get things done.

(A big thanks to our co-organizer Tom Auger and his team at Zeitguys for hosting these meetings!)

Our major takeaways will be documented on this site. You can keep tabs on the updates by subscribing via email — use the form in the sidebar — or via RSS.

Here’s what we talked about during today’s meeting:

Roadmap & Milestones: Aiming for October

Our focus during this week’s meeting was to figure out timelines.

We don’t want to be scrambling at the last minute to get things done, so this year we’d like to have everything taken care of in advance, hopefully by mid-October.

It’s easy to think that October is far off in the distance, but it isn’t. As we’ve learned from previous years, that time disappears very quickly.

Hence the bi-weekly meetings. By getting together in person through the summer, we can gradually work through tasks under less pressure than waiting until the fall.

Hashtag Change: #WCTO14 to #WCTO

We’ve dropped the 14 from the hashtag. Use those two extra characters wisely. 🙂

Call for Speakers

This is our highest priority right now. Speakers, and the topics they present, set the tone for the Camp and how the schedule is built.

You can expect more details, and the application, to be posted within the next two weeks.

Sponsor Levels & Call for Sponsors

On the heels of our Call for Speakers will be our Call for Sponsors. We already have our price points worked out but we haven’t settled on specific deliverables yet.

Expect the Call for Sponsors to be posted within the next three weeks.

Want To Volunteer?

WordCamp Toronto 2014 won’t happen without a dedicated team of volunteers. Head to our Get Involved page and fill out the form.